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The #1 Mistake That Dental Practice Owners &
Professionals Make Is Having A "One Size Fits All"
Marketing Approach

Your marketing shouldn’t begin and end with “my patients can find me on Google”…
and it shouldn’t be a quick Copy & Paste off of the first “How To Market My Dental Practice” post you read!
What you need in order to entice the right patients to your practice, is a custom, omnichannel marketing approach that is tailored to your practice, and your goals.

Promoting Your Online Presence With An Omnichannel Marketing Approach Builds Rapport, Relationships, And Reassurance With Your Patients

It provides a seamless patient journey from start, to finish.

The more your potential patients see your practice, and what you have to offer

The more trust you build. The more relationships you form. The more new
appointments you’ll book.

After all…
For an industry that leaves 15% of the population quivering with dread, what better way to
earn loyal patients than to consistently show them that there’s nothing to fear? But
without an omnichannel marketing approach…
How is your practice going to reach new potential patients?

How are you going to provide your patients with a unified, personalized

How are you going to start out against competitors?

77% Of Patients Research A Practice Online Before Scheduling An Appointment

Simply put: if you’re not actively promoting your brand online, you’re missing out.
But if you don’t know how, or even where to begin…
Don’t panic! You don’t need to know how to implement an omnichannel marketing
approach, or even be able to understand analytical data…

That's Where Virtual DDS Comes In!

We’re here to be your marketing person.

With over $15,000,000 Ad Spend Management, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about:

TV Ad Campaigns

Website Design


Google/Facebook Ads

Social Media Marketing

Email Campaigns

Advanced Reporting

Take A Look For Yourself!

What these guys have done for us has been game changing for our practice. In fact, we think differently about marketing and patient flow.

– Dr. Moradi

I struggled with predictability in my operations for years. Virtual DDS’s team helped us reach our next milestone. I am glad to have them on our team.

– Dr. Goldberg

My practices, before hiring Virtual DDS Support, were moving in the dark. It was hard to predict what my next month looked like. Now, I am consistent and doing 2x more than before. Their holistic approach was a new thing to me and now it all makes sense. All pieces coming together.

– Dr. Lee

We Specialize In Mapping Out Your Patient
Journey To Help You:

Understand The Differences In Patient Personas As They Move From Prospect To Conversion Through The Patient Funnel

Provide Potential Patients With More Contextually Relevant And Valuable Interactions At Every Stage Of Their Journey To Build Brand Trust & Increase New Patient Sign Ups

Identify & Overcome Pain Points To Ensure You Convert As Many Potential Patients As Possible

Here's How We Can Help You Grow & Scale Your Dental Practice, From Day 1:

Omnichannel Marketing Approach

A multi-channel marketing approach that maximizes outreach to new patients.

Marketing Calendar

A detailed holistic strategy to your marketing approach that describes
monthly targets and efforts.

More 5* Reviews

Every patient that steps foot in your practice will be prompted to leave a glowing review via text or email.

Website Design

We'll build you an updated and SEO optimized website
that will do your practice justice!

Unique Ad
Campaigns on Google
and Facebook

Facebook/Google ads with efficient landing pages and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will extrapolate your new patient reach.

Unique Marketing Content

All content will be written based on your practice and will always be unique to your office.

Weekly Meetings

Weekly meetings will be conducted with your practice to promote transparency, provide progress reports on the marketing calendar, and evaluate KPI/ROI data.

It's Time To Put Your Practice
In A Position Of Power!

Why Virtual DDS Is The Marketer For You...

Our holistic approach means that you always have a say in what message you’re
putting out.

We’re not like those other vendors who want to give you a generic marketing plan, that doesn’t take into account your goals.

We’re Your Marketing Person, So Your Marketing Plan Will Be 100% Unique And Tailored To You!

Your goals.
Your target audience.
Your Unique selling points.
The best part?
Whether you specialize in Invisalign, cometic procedures or you simply want to be know as the friendly family run dental business in your local area?

We have the end-to-end marketing solution for you!


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